Cape Farewell:
  Cape Farewell:
The Story So Far
  Cape Farewell comes
to Canada

Cape Farewell, an innovative program designed
to raise awareness of climate change, is the brainchild of
British artist David Buckland. He has led five highly successful
expeditions to the high Arctic, including four for artists
and scientists and the inaugural youth expedition in September



Supported by the British Council Canada, the
United Kingdom’s international organization to promote
education and cultural relations, Cape Farewell’s ongoing
story is chronicled at capefarewell.com.
Details on the 2008 youth expedition are where you are now



The first Cape Farewell expedition to originate
in Canada takes place September 7-20, 2008, when 15 Canadian
high school students representing each province and territory
will join an international group of students on an expedition
of discovery to Canada’s Arctic.



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