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Cape Farewell, an innovative program designed to raise awareness of climate change, is the brainchild of British artist David Buckland. He has led five highly successful expeditions to the high Arctic, including four for artists and scientists and the inaugural youth expedition in September 2007.

A stunning book entitled Burning Ice: Art & Climate Change, celebrating the research and artwork that has evolved from the Cape Farewell voyages, was published in 2007.

Sheila Watt-Clouthier, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, calls the Arctic “the health barometer for the planet”. The Arctic is where the impacts of climate change are most dramatic and most dire for the people who live there – but the impacts of these changes are felt worldwide. That is why Cape Farewell is organizing two expeditions to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic in 2008. One is an artists’ and scientists’ expedition and the other is a youth expedition.

The objective of the Cape Farewell project is to raise the awareness of climate change and its implications. The warming of the planet poses an urgent challenge to humankind and this challenge is more than a challenge to the environment. It is also a threat to energy security, prosperity and development.

The economic costs of taking action now are much less than the costs to future generations if we fail to act, according to the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (2006).

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