In September 2007, 12 young voyagers from Canada, UK and Germany sailed around the Norwegian Arctic to raise awareness about climate change. These voyagers conducted science experiments that they had researched during the school year and art projects to express their inspiration on climate change.

The voyagers spent some time working with local scientists and graduate students in Ny Alesund on their science projects. They completed a group science project which consisted of collecting climate data over a full day, to understand how climate change trends are computed. They collectively created both a dance piece and art sculpture to visually express the art of climate change. Individually, they blogged live to their schoolmates to help tell the story about their experience in the Norwegian Arctic. They each had several videos which were uploaded onto the website, to help engage their peers and communities on this important issue.

This expedition was a chance for youth to learn about the science of climate change and to communicate this important issue through art. Cape Farewell became the central project which the teachers and students from each participating school became passionate about. The students and teachers from all schools continue to teach climate change in many disciplines such as dance, art, geography, science and even math!

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