First few days

I’m relaxing here at the hotel after after the first day of the UNFCCC and so far I am absolutely loving my time here. The first day in Bali I had some of the worst luck in my life in about a span of 8 hours yet because I was here I didn’t care and completely loved the experience. Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. The airline lost my luggage, I lost a button on my shorts, the room arrangements were mixed up, etc. Basically it wasn’t my day, but on the bright side it was amazingly beautiful and the people and events were great.

On sunday, we went to a capacity building workshop in the morning and then dropped by the BICC to pick up our security passes. Later in the afternoon we enjoyed another day in the sun and shopped around on poppy lane.

The first day of the conference was both fun and overwhelming at the same time. It started with a little bit of confusion trying to find my niche in the youth delegation, but after a little bit of dancing and a lot of discussion with people who have been around a bit longer, I managed to settle down, join the meeting of my chosen work group and finish up in time for The Fossil of the Day Award ceremony.


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