Meeting with Alberta Environment Minister

Katrina and I had an interesting meeting with the Environment Minister of Alberta, Rob Renner. He essentially believes that as people continue to consume, Alberta will continue to produce oil and gas. His solution to this problem is CCS (carbon capture and storage), which is not a sustainable solution and which has not been thoroughly researched. He did mention that Alberta is running 4 test plants using CCS to see how it works but you would need to spend 20 years studying this research to have a sense of its long-term impacts….and enen this time frame is not very long.

Katrina was ace! She spoke very well and asked excellent questions. The upside is that Katrina has been invited to a very swanky cocktail reception hosted by the City of Edmonton at the Grand Hyatt tonight at 6pm. I will of course accompany her to make sure she doesn’t get eaten by the big sharks!

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