The Conference (Part 1)

I’m taking a break from all of the action here today, and decided to fill it by writing my blog. I haven’t written since the opening day of the conference, and there’s a lot that I have to talk about.

Since the first post a sort of routine has started to emerge for myself and the other british council students. We get up fairly early and have a quick breakfast so we can get to the conference center in time for the daily youth meeting. It only takes about 40 minutes but after 8 the traffic becomes too thick for the taxi to get here in a decent time. After hearing the updates and discussing anything that affects the Youth Delegation as a whole, I break off from the rest of the british council as they stay for the Communication Working Group meeting. I normally head over to the BICC-stopping at Bali Collection to grab a bottle of gatorade or some fresh fruit-and get the day’s ECO and Daily Programme. After checking emails and reading through the Schedule and ECO it’s time for the daily action.

The actions are pretty cool, the Outreach Working Group produces a small demonstration everyday in front of the BICC. So far they’ve done things like give emergency swimming lessons, create climate emergency kits, and today there was a “carnival”. The carnival featured juggling and a climate change roulette, but the major attraction was the face painting. Youth called on delagate officials to paint their faces, as they are the people that are painting our futures. I was one of the youth who had their face painted, mine was done by an Indonesian delagate. In the end it turned out to be one of the best actions we have done.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble and I have to go so I can get to a meeting on time. I’ll post the second half of this either tonight or tomorrow. I still can’t believe how amazing it is here.


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